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Many Colorado water waivers revoked after taint

After the salmonella outbreak in Alamosa Colorado in 2008 that created 442 cases of “probably salmonella contamination” including 1 death, the State of Colorado has decided to remove chlorination waivers from as many as 72 drinking-water sources…. Read More.

Cocaine, Spices, Hormones Found in Drinking Water

Unexpected “ingredients” are finding there way into water all over the world, however this study reviews the ongoing water chemistry in the Pugent Sound. They’ve noted that the types of spices vary depending on the time of year and have even tracked a spike in vanilla and chocolate in the water on weekends…. Read More.

Toxic waste trickle’s toward New Mexico’s water sources

According to this report by the LA Times, toxic waste is seeping from mountain burial sites into the Rio Grande, one of the most important water sources in the Southwest. They also believe waste may be trickling into aquifers, springs and streams that provide water for 250,000 people in Northern New Mexico…. Read More.

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