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Culligan Salt-Free Solutions

Culligan Salt-Free Solutions – Culligan International has been researching alternatives to salt-based water treatment for years. The above site provides some information, insights, and research studies regarding salt-free and magnetic water treatment. Here’s a quote that an unhappy EasyWater customer posted on her website. “Lastly, I turn to a product called “Easy Water.” “Easy Water” is a so-called “water-conditioning” system that doesn’t — unlike traditional water softeners – use salt to “condition”/soften water. There’s only one, trifling disadvantage to purchasing an Easy Water system: it doesn’t work. I know firsthand because Jim’s parents invested in such a system when they built their brand new, 4,000-sq.-ft. “compound” in 2001. Not long after they moved into the compound, they realized the system wasn’t preventing the lime-scale build-up it was supposed prevent. That’s when they bought a traditional — salt-consumin’ — water softener (like the one they’d used in their former home) and kicked the “great pretender” to the curb. Memo to wackos: no salt = no “conditioning”/softening = no reason to waste what little is left of one’s salary after Uncle Sam has pilfered his vast array of taxes from it”

Ohio River study finds drugs, chemicals that slip through waste treatment

Another major water source in the US has been confirmed to contain contaminants. The article states, “Dozens of chemicals and pharmaceuticals — antidepressants, veterinary hormones, even cocaine — have been detected in the Ohio River…” Samples were taken from 22 locations ranging from Pittsburgh, PA to Paducah, KY…. Read More.

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