Latest Water News

Soft water for more comfortable living

This article by talks about how soft water is beneficial for every member of your family. It keeps your skin and hair soft and your plumbing free of lime deposits. It will also help your laundry and water using appliances last longer as well as save you money on soap… Read More.

Water Wise Guy weekly

A Culligan dealer who is always gathering water information to keep you up-to-date on the latest water news… Read More.

AP Investigation: Pharmaceuticals in Drinking Water Regularly

An ongoing investigation conducted by the Associated Press concerning pharmaceuticals, hormones, and other drugs found in drinking water supplies throughout the US. The first article calling this into concern was done around March 2009 and dozens of follow-up articles have been written since. Since we have no “major” cities in the Four Corners it doesn’t seem that any of our water treatment facilities have been tested for pharmaceuticals based on these reports… Read More.

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