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Ohio River study finds drugs, chemicals that slip through waste treatment

Another major water source in the US has been confirmed to contain contaminants. The article states, “Dozens of chemicals and pharmaceuticals — antidepressants, veterinary hormones, even cocaine — have been detected in the Ohio River…” Samples were taken from 22 locations ranging from Pittsburgh, PA to Paducah, KY…. Read More.

Medicated Bath Products to Blame for Worsening Water Pollution

For the first time, a study unveiled at the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society points out that a major source of active pharmaceutical ingredients in water comes from bathing, showering, and laundering. According to Dr. Ilene Ruhoy, “lotions, creams, gels and skin patches are to blame for a significant amount of the APIs in ground water.”… Read More.

Alamosa sued over salmonella in drinking water

After a salmonella outbreak in the Alamosa, CO water supply in 2009 that potentially affected 1300 people in a town of 8,900, 29 families are suing their city government…. Read More.

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