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Chloride Found at Levels that Can Harm Aquatic Life in Urban Streams of the Northern U.S.–Winter Deicing a Major Source

Recent study released to determine the causes of excess chloride in water tables in the North. The abstract states, “Use of salt for deicing roads and parking lots in the winter is a major source of chloride. Other sources include wastewater treatment, septic systems, and farming operations.” Apparently softener salt is such a minor contributor that it’s not even mentioned in the abstract. However on page 12 (page 22 of the PDF) of the study they state: “In 2005, salt for water treatment represented 3.1 percent of salt use in the United States (Kostick and others, 2007).” Makes you wonder why California didn’t conduct a similar study or take this into account before banning water softeners in certain counties.


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