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Culligan Salt-Free Solutions

Culligan Salt-Free Solutions – Culligan International has been researching alternatives to salt-based water treatment for years. The above site provides some information, insights, and research studies regarding salt-free and magnetic water treatment.

Here’s a quote that an unhappy EasyWater customer posted on her website.

“Lastly, I turn to a product called “Easy Water.” “Easy Water” is a so-called “water-conditioning” system that doesn’t — unlike traditional water softeners – use salt to “condition”/soften water. There’s only one, trifling disadvantage to purchasing an Easy Water system: it doesn’t work. I know firsthand because Jim’s parents invested in such a system when they built their brand new, 4,000-sq.-ft. “compound” in 2001. Not long after they moved into the compound, they realized the system wasn’t preventing the lime-scale build-up it was supposed prevent. That’s when they bought a traditional — salt-consumin’ — water softener (like the one they’d used in their former home) and kicked the “great pretender” to the curb. Memo to wackos: no salt = no “conditioning”/softening = no reason to waste what little is left of one’s salary after Uncle Sam has pilfered his vast array of taxes from it”

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