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Fresh pure drinking water without the bottles!

Bottle-Free Drinking Water.

Culligan Bottle-Free Coolers

Are you not a fan of the traditional look and maintenance that comes with a traditional water cooler? Culligan’s Bottle-Free Cooler is the answer, providing a sleek, modern and minimal maintenance option for your business needs. This cooler requires only 1.5 square feet of floor space and a water line making it the optimal choice for small spaces.

Small but mighty! The Bottle-Free cooler produces 90 gallons of water per day, the equivalent of 170 standard 12 oz. bottles at a fraction of the price. For pennies on the dollar, your company can provide high quality drinking water for all your employees and clients without the high cost of individually bottled water.

Additional Benefits:

  • No storage requirements
  • No lifting
  • No deposits on 5 gallon water bottles
  • One monthly set invoice
  • No extra fees fir delivery or deposit
  • No delivery fees
  • No worry of running out of water

Take our word for it, you will absolutely love our Bottle-Free Cooler. Call today (812) 283-7913 and start talking to your Kentuckiana Culligan man about upgrading your office.

Find out exactly how much money your business can save every month!

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