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Commercial & Industrial Water Solutions

When your business needs water for its processes, it has got to be just right.

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At Kentuckiana Culligan, we are here to help you get the water you deserve.

We offer high-purity, deionized, de-mineralized, lab or medical-grade water. Culligan’s commercial and industrial water services are unparalleled.

Deionized water eliminates

Calcium Iron

We offer the most comprehensive water treatment services at highly competitive prices.

Deionized water is an automated, multiple-process treatment system that produces high-quality water necessary for specialized applications.

Your Culligan man will help you decide which process is most beneficial for your company’s size and usage volumes.

Water Testing

Having the best possible water in hospitals, restaurants, schools, and other industries is very important.

At Kentuckiana Culligan, we take the time to inspect the plumbing and plumbing fixtures within the facility. While testing, we will take the time to educate the necessary employees of the establishment so that everyone knows what to look for.

These businesses and others rely on water to help fuel their place of employment. That is why testing your water is crucial.

It may only be step one in providing the best quality water, but it is essential.

Water Testing from Kentuckiana Culligan in Clarksville IN

Why Test Your Water?

Various contaminants could be living in your water without warning because they are colorless and odorless. We encounter water from different sources that have a wide range of bacteria and other contaminants.

Some common contaminants that are found through water testing are….

Radioactive particles
Benzine / Chlorobenzine

Never question your water quality again.

Let us be your water partner and schedule your FREE water consultation today.

Kentuckiana Culligan Water Delivery & Setup for Commercial and Residential in Clarksville IN

Water Coolers

Water Coolers are an office place staple across the nation. They offer fresh, pure drinking water with every use. At Kentuckiana Culligan, our water cooler programs are customizable based on the size of your water order and delivery frequency.

Culligan provides water coolers in a variety of offerings and styles. Choose from a standard bottled water cooler or a sleeker, bottle-free version. Whether you need it hot, cold, or at room temperature, we are here to make break time more efficient.

Bottled Water

Kentuckiana Culligan promises to provide your business with the best water.

As part of our service offerings, our bottled water delivery brings you the best-tasting, high-quality refreshment right to your company’s door. Culligan water is great to have at your business for employees, clients, and guests, and convenient to take with you on the go. Our bottled water delivery service gives you the best-tasting, high-quality refreshments at your company’s door.

Set up your bottled water delivery today!

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Other Products

In addition to our water softeners, filters, coolers, and drinking water systems, we also offer various other products and services.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact Kentuckiana Culligan today for more information.

Industrial Reverse Osmosis
Industrial Water Softeners
Deionization Tanks and Industrial Deionizers
Micro Filtration
Feed Pumps
Filter Housings
Equipment Rentals
Replacement Parts & Services