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1. History: Kentuckiana Culligan has been in business since 1946 and has continually grown by providing excellent service and high quality products that provide a cost effective solution to your water needs.

2. The Culligan Corporation: There are over 800 Culligan representatives worldwide that have researched and formulated solutions for problem water for over 75 years. Culligan products are second to none because of the amount of research that has consistently developed our superior products and solutions.

3. The Right Solution the First Time: Our water testing system analyzes a wide variety of information and pinpoints just what you need to have the best water possible. We test your water in our lab for free to be sure about what is best for you.

4. Superior Technology: Besides having the only Consumer’s Report Best Buy product available, you get the benefit of Culligan’s world-renowned Research, Development and Analytics Laboratory. We proudly hold more than 500 patents worldwide in water treatment, purification and conditioning. That alone puts us head-and-shoulders above our competition.

5. The Widest Range of Solutions: Culligan’s customers range from family homes to high tech labs and manufacturing plants that require absolutely pure water. We can faithfully say that we offer the widest group of state-of-the-art products, and they surpass anything on the market.

6. Value: Our products are excellent and, while quality does cost more, our pricing is usually in the middle of the range. As a mature company, we’ve learned how to get the most quality for the most reasonable price. Our goal is to provide you with more for your money than anyone else, and we think that, if you take some time to talk with us, you’ll see how we achieve that goal with each and every customer.

7. Superior Service: Culligan has industry leading training, and our technicians continue to learn and train throughout their careers. Our people are professionals dedicated to your satisfaction.

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In reverse osmosis (RO), water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane where only water molecules are allowed through. This reduces or eliminates many contaminants such as arsenic V, barium, chromium, and radium 226/228, as well as microorganisms such as cryptosporidium and giardia. RO filtration is technologically advanced and provides one of the most effective ways to filter water. Reverse osmosis filtration technology is available in the Culligan Aqua-Cleer® system and our free-standing water coolers.

Soft water has been treated so that it contains few or no dissolved minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, iron, and manganese. Water softening involves a process called “ion exchange” that removes minerals that can’t be captured by standard filters. Softeners use fresh resin beads with sodium ions attached to the resin. As water enters the tank, dissolved calcium and magnesium are attracted to the resin. The resin “exchanges” the sodium for the dissolved chemicals and the water is then free of these impurities.
The conditioned water you get from a Culligan water softener system offers a variety of environmental benefits including:

  • You will use fewer chemical cleaners in the home – sinks, faucets, tubs, and showers come cleaner with fewer harsh chemical-cleaning products.
  • Minimized dirty water discharge – dishwashers and washing machines require less detergent and soaps.
  • You’ll use less energy – Culligan products are designed to be energy efficient.
  • Minimal salt usage – Culligan’s sophisticated monitoring technology, including our patented Aqua-Sensor® water softener technology and exclusive meters, constantly measures your water quality and regenerates the system only when needed to minimize water and salt usage.
A Culligan drinking water system and Culligan bottled water are better for the environment, and a great alternative to bottled drinking water. For instance:

  • Clean up landfills – your family or office will use fewer bottles of water and canned drinks, and that prevents thousands of single-serve bottles and cans from ending up in landfills.
  • Lower emissions – by using fewer bottles of water and canned beverages, you help reduce the emissions required to manufacture and deliver those bottles.
  • Recycle – Culligan either recycles or sterilizes and reuses the 5-gallon (18.9 liter) water bottles your water arrives in, and that reduces landfill space, cuts emissions and saves thousands of barrels of oil used to make single-serve bottles.
Water is critical to maintaining a healthy, well-functioning body, to regulate organs and temperature, dissolve solids, and move nutrients throughout the body. Most adults need between eight and twelve eight-ounce glasses of water and fluids daily; needs vary by activity level, health circumstances (including pregnancy), and age. For example, a 60-pound child needs a minimum of 30 ounces of water a day, or about three to four glasses, and a 180-pound man needs about 90 ounces of water a day, or about 11-12 glasses.
Hard water contains dissolved minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron and manganese. Water absorbs minerals as it moves through its cycle on its way to your tap. According to the Water Quality Association , water containing more than 1 GPG (grain per gallon) of these minerals is considered hard water, and hard water is the most common residential water problem. It leaves spots on your glasses and dishes, makes laundry dingy, dull or scratchy, and causes soap scum and scale to build up around showers and faucets – all of this makes cleaning tougher for you. Hard water builds up in machines like dishwashers, causes stains and buildup inside your plumbing and water heaters. The most common treatment for hard water in homes is an ion-exchange water softener because they remove dissolved hard minerals from the water to create soft water.
Culligan’s patented Aqua-Sensor® technology constantly monitors your water water’s hardness to get the highest efficiency from the system and your supplies. It determines exactly when your softening system needs to regenerate to maintain a steady stream of soft water. An Aqua-Sensor system is very frugal with your salt. How frugal? Your savings can easily add up to using as much as two tons of less salt while yielding over 20,000 gallons of water over the systems life. That means extra value for you and lower operating costs. The Aqua-Sensor® technology is available on the Culligan Smart-Sensor®, Platinum Plus, Culligan Gold Series, and Culligan Medallist Series® water softeners.
All “bottled water” is regulated by strict guidelines created by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). According to the FDA, water labeled as “bottled water” cannot contain sweeteners or chemical additives (other than flavors, extracts, or essences) and must be calorie-free and sugar-free. We offer the following varieties:

  • Drinking water: Available in 1/2 liter, and 5 gallon bottles
  • Spring water: Available in 5 gallon bottles

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