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Yes, We Do Offer Rentals!

When asked about rent vs. own most individuals immediately opt to own. It has been taught in our culture that owning is almost always superior. When it comes to water treatment, Culligan strongly encourages rentals. Unlike a home or car water products are items that are moderate in cost but will need to be replaced and maintained over time.

Our rental agreements encompass maintenance and service calls. With Culligan, you are paying structure pricing for consistent high quality goods and services. Renting also offers the flexibility to let your product change with your lifestyle.

Renting a Culligan Product, means you receive award winning:

  • Coverage: When you need a change due to a growing family, business or moving, you can do so at any time.
  • Service: Our customer service is top of the line. We aim to never leave a customer unsatisfied.
  • Quality: Each and every one of our products was tested fully before debuting resulting in less money spend on services and repairing the products.
  • Security: Culligan has been in business since 1936, and we see nothing but a bright future.
  • Savings: Compared to other units on the market, Culligan offers reasonable pricing that is kept low by the high volume of business that we are able to do with rentals.

Culligan is a trusted name in water treatment. Since our company’s inception in 1936, we have strived to maintained consistent high standards. Our pricing reflects our values, we often run middle of the road in terms of sticker price. We offer high quality products that is backed by a guarantee, it will never be the cheapest on the market nor will it be the most expensive. With Culligan, you get quality products, service and expert maintenance which makes our products the best value on the market.

The fact that our rental programs are so popular after so many years reinforces that we offer top notch customer satisfaction and maintenance. Call your local Kentuckiana Culligan man today and talk about renting your water equipment.

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