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Culligan Water Softeners

Culligan Household Water Softeners

For all of your water softening needs, select from our outstanding group of Water Softeners. Featuring Culligan’s superior construction, quality, reliability and efficiency, each performs to the highest standards in the water treatment Industry.

Portable Exchange Water Softener Service

Soft water the simple way! No salt, no drain, no electricity, no mess, no hassle, and no impact on the environment. With our Portable Exchange Water Softeners, we install the softener and exchange it on a regular basis. Simple and easy, and we take care of it, all for a low monthly fee.

Culligan Medallist Series Water Softener

For households looking for an efficient and economical solution to their hard water problems, the Culligan Medallist Series is the right choice.

Offering a smart combination of size and state-of-the-art technology, the Medallist Series Water Softener is exceptionally efficient. Yet, it’s still powerful enough to address even your toughest water problems and provide your home with better Culligan water.

The Culligan Medallist Series Water Softener offers big benefits for smaller households:

  • Efficient design – inside and out, everything about the Medallist is designed to be efficient
  • Affordable – a smart solution for every budget
  • Compact design – slim design perfect for tight spaces
  • Exceptional water flow – integrates seamlessly into your plumbing, allowing you to run any number of water sources while maintaining water pressure
  • Advanced water softening technology – designed with patented, state-of-the-art Culligan water softening technology
  • Worry-free operation – fully-programmable Accusoft Microprocessor delivers reliable, worry-free operation with each cycle
  • Unmatched quality and durability – built with tested components like the Dubl-Safe refill control valve, your Medallist Series water softener will provide reliable operation for years to come
  • Available as outdoor system – the Medallist Series can be outfitted with Culligan’s exclusive weather-resistant, UL-certified enclosure making it perfect for outdoor installation in warm climates

Culligan Water Softeners pay for themselves, and here’s how:

  • Soft water requires 50% less detergent to do the same amount of laundry
  • Increases life span of Appliances
  • Increases home value
  • Reduces energy bills
  • Extends the life of water pipes and plumbing fixtures

A Culligan Water Softener can pay for itself by preventing these problems…

Soap Scum on Bathtubs & Showers

Limescale & Hardness on Shower Head

Spots on Glasses

Soft water is good for your home!

  • Your pipes and plumbing fixtures will last longer without the buildup of minerals that are removed by the Cullligan Water Softener
  • American Water Works Association reports that washing machines used with hard water can wear out up to 30% faster.
  • Culligan Water Softeners remove Calcium and magnesium from your water. This will help with keeping deposits from building up in your pipes, that decrease your plumbing system’s performance.

Soft water is good for YOU as well:

  • Helps reduce dry, flaky skin and Eczema
  • Hard water makes hair dull and hard to manage
  • Helps keep your colored clothes brighter
  • Helps colored hair maintain it’s color

Even more advantages of a softener:

  • Clothes last longer.
  • Glasses and dishes don’t streak or have water spots.
  • Culligan Water Softeners help reduce soap scum

Why Kentuckiana Culligan Softeners Are Your Best Choice

The Culligan High Efficiency Water Softener named a Consumer Digest Best Buy.

Culligan’s water softeners and water conditioning products are continuously awarded numerous accolades. The Culligan High Efficiency Water Softener, was recently awarded a Consumer’s Digest Best Buy for dependability and exceptional performance.

Do you know what’s in your water?

Very few people realize exactly what is in their water and whether it is safe and healthy for them to consume. Kentuckiana Culligan takes the guess-work out of the equation and provides you with a complete In-home water analysis, and oh –yeah, it’s free.

For a FREE In-home water analysis, please click here or call us at (812) 283-7913 to schedule an appointment today.

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