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Water Testing

We do more than just test your water.

Kentuckiana Culligan does much more than just test your water. We take the time to inspect plumbing and plumbing fixtures because they can also be the problem with your home’s water. During testing, Kentuckiana Culligan always takes the time to educate you and your family of the importance of soft, pure and healthy water and how it affects you personally as well as your home, plumbing and appliances.

The first step in making an educated recommendation is to understand what is in your water. We test for several contaminants and share our findings with you and your family.

In-home water analysis are FREE and do not require any type of purchase. However, if Kentuckiana Culligan is chosen to be your pure water partner, we will have a clear understanding of the issues and your family’s needs and be able to provide a cost-effective solution.

Why Kentuckiana Culligan offers FREE water testing:

  • Kentuckiana Culligan Water Analysis provides Kentuckiana Culligan and you a clear picture of the existing issues.
  • Kentuckiana Culligan Water Analysis cuts down on re-works for unknown issues.
  • Kentuckiana Culligan Water Analysis provides insight into our commitment to customer service & satisfaction.

Occasionally, we discover water issues that require additional testing in order to identify existing contaminants. Kentuckiana Culligan offers additional testing through our corporate labs where they analyze over 10,000 samples a year. If this type of testing is necessary, Kentucky Culligan will communicate the need to further test your home’s water. There is a charge to have water tested at the corporate level and we verify that you are comfortable with the extensive testing and the associated charge before the sample is sent to the lab.

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